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Customer-led strategy, operational capability, and organisational alignment

Pelorus Jack was a Risso’s dolphin famous for meeting and escorting ships through a turbulent stretch of water in New Zealand between 1888 and 1912.

When we started talking to businesses and academics we fully appreciated how many organisations need to navigate closer to their customers and get their people engaged and pulling in the right direction.  They tend to treat customer value creation and internal alignment as separate challenges, but in a complex and competitive world the perils are ethical errors, poor productivity and disappointed customers.

We have successfully planned, launched and operated businesses in over 20 countries and lived internationally, including North America, Europe and the Middle East.  Our approach is transferable across countries and industries, and we have particular expertise in hospitality, visitor attractions, retail, travel, sport & leisure, entertainment, healthcare and financial services.

We like to help join it all together for like minded people who feel they could be doing more to create sustained wellbeing for their customers, employees and shareholders.

Chris Humphrey

Chris Humphrey

Chris has a customer strategy, marketing management, and customer experience background. He has particular expertise understanding customer needs, leading pricing, product, communication and distribution decisons, and helping to create exceptional end-to-end experiences everywhere customers interact with the brand.

Chris has worked for leading global brands, and major advertising and research agencies. He spent 17 years with The Walt Disney Company, including directing Marketing and Customer Strategy for Disney Destinations, and representing Disney Institute in Europe, which uses Disney methodologies to help external organisations create sustained customer value. Chris lived in Paris for five years, where he worked with Malcolm on reengineering pricing, forecasting, voice of the customer initiatives, and the innovative launch planning for Disney’s Indiana Jones and Space Mountain attractions.

Malcolm Ross

Malcolm Ross

Malcolm has extensive international expertise planning, opening and operating developments in the hospitality, entertainment and leisure sectors.  He has led multiple service businesses including the Olympic Park Legacy Company for the 2012 London Olympics, Seven Tides Hotels in Dubai, and Le Meridien Hotels in Europe.

Malcolm has been responsible for the opening of over 40 hotels during his career, including four five-star hotels in Dubai, and the purchase, refurbishment and operation of Dukes London, which as a result was awarded five stars. Malcolm is one of a small number of executives worldwide who has had operational responsibility for The Walt Disney Company’s renowned Guest service, having led Walt Disney World’s 30,000 hotel rooms in Florida, Disney’s MGM Studios in Florida and launched and operated the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland Paris.

Our Partners

We have a broad range of commercial experience, but do not have all the answers in every functional area, so besides working closely with internal teams and existing suppliers we have a network of friends who share our philosophy.