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We enjoy sharing our innovative point-of-view, so regularly publish articles and speak at conferences, including Cambridge Judge Business School, Cranfield School of Management and Henley Business School.

Multi-Site Masters: Knocking the Socks off Them!

Knocking the socks off them, demands strategic customer focus, not simply tinkering with the customer experience. We talk how to understand customers and continuously exceed their expectations with our friends Andy Bull and Lee Sheldon at training and development consultancy Mastering Multi-Units.

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Cambridge Judge Business School

Thanks to the Global Marketing experts at Cambridge Judge Business School for two hours of stimulating discussion and insightful questions, including the delivery of customer value, pricing, and the globalisation vs localisation dilemma. We enjoy sharing our customer...

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IEDP Developing Leaders

In the latest edition of Developing Leaders Professor Emma McDonald of Cranfield School of Management and I analyse how Walt Disney built a customer culture that’s still the bedrock for global success. IEDP reports on the latest research, thought-leadership, and executive programmes from the world’s premier business schools and providers.

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Strategic Management Forum Interview

In an interview by Paul Barnett, Founder and CEO of the Strategic Management Forum, we explain how organisations can achieve world-class customer experiences and enduring success by intentionally giving people the autonomy to create real value for their customers.

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The Great Service Debate – Don’t Empower, Trust

How do hospitality organisations achieve exceptional service and customer experiences? EP the leading forum for business thinking and opinion in the leisure, hospitality, travel and tourism industry, together with Penshee are hosting a series of round tables with industry leaders to answer this question. We were delighted to have joined seasoned executives from the Savoy, The Lancaster, ISS Facility Services, Servicebrand Global and Vacherin, at the Goring London for a vigorous two hour debate and healthy differences of opinion.

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Hospitality by Design

In our first article for EP, the leading business thinking and opinion in the leisure, hospitality, travel and tourism industry, Malcolm and I argue that a service ethos must be intentionally designed into successful hotels.

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Are we at Risk of Simply Putting Lipstick on a Pig?

Will the new breed of Chief Customer Officers succeed in reversing the tactical preoccupation of many organisations, the slide of Marketing into the “colouring-in department”, and growing frustration with Customer Experience teams?

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Why Start with Purpose?

An organisational purpose is a much more strategic idea than corporate social responsibility, and a well designed purpose can act in the same way as a strong founder, driving direction and decision making, and resolutely focusing everybody internally on a common understanding of customer needs.

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