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Thanks to the Global Marketing experts at Cambridge Judge Business School for two hours of stimulating discussion and insightful questions, including the delivery of customer value, pricing, and the globalisation vs localisation dilemma.

We enjoy sharing our customer experience expertise, which includes launching Disneyland Paris, and operating the 2012 London Olympics.

A recent example of customer experience talking points:

  • Single minded founders are invariably the driving force behind an organisation’s shared customer focus.
  • As Organisations grow departmental priorities blur the collective customer focus.
  • To deliver world class customer experiences you’ve got to start with understanding customer needs.
  • Customer needs are very stable, so provide a firm anchor when solutions change rapidly…
  • …and it will be even more critical to anchor big data and machine learning into customer needs.
  • Changing customer experiences without understanding customer needs risks handing opportunity to competitors…
  • …particularly for organisations that curate complex platforms of customer experiences.
  • Building a shared understanding of customer needs helps coordinate increasingly complex customer journeys…
  • …especially as organisations move from a product focus to an experience focus.
  • An overarching internal framework provides the bridge between customers and the organisation.
  • Underlying customer needs are distilled into an overarching framework, and permeated across the organisation.
  • A clear purpose inspires everybody to go above and beyond their day-to-day task.
  • Observable, measurable and coachable behaviours ensure consistency, whilst trusting people to get on with it.
  • Losing focus on the customer experience can be very costly.