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We enjoy sharing our innovative point-of-view, so regularly publish articles and speak at conferences, including Cambridge Judge Business School, Cranfield School of Management and Henley Business School.

How did Virgin Trains Treat a Vulnerable Person?

Excellent service recovery only happens when organisations are highly intentional about enabling and empowering their staff to see a person as a human being, and not just resolve an issue. The first of two parts, describes the initial incident, whilst part 2 will explore how back-office staff responded.

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Why is Productivity such a Puzzle for Policymakers?

In our second article for EP, the leading forum for business thinking and opinion in the leisure, hospitality, travel and tourism industry, Malcolm and I argue that creating real value for customers is the only way for organisations to improve productivity.

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Are you a Devil for Detail?

The Criterion Restaurant’s grammatical error would have shocked Sherlock Holmes, but shows that attention to detail makes no sense unless everybody throughout the entire organisation intentionally shares it.

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